ABBA Mania

Considered the “best Abba show since Abba.” Abba Mania claims that they’re the original Abba tribute band. The show is the original West End tribute. Abba Mania is an opportunity for fans to watch Abba, or as close to Abba as you can get, on stage.

Abba toured for the last time 31 years ago, and two Royal Albert Hall shows had over 2 million ticket requests.

There were just 5,000 tickets to the show available. Abba gripped the UK with few fans able to see the group in person. Abba Mania still grips the world with television tributes, radio tributes and even Mamma Mia, a stage performance dedicated to the show.

ABBA Mania recreates the group’s original performances on the live stage. This performance isn’t your normal, low-budget performance. This performance was created in 1999 and started to play their first shows in 2000.

Seasoned and perfected, the show grew from small venues to being invited to London’s West End in 2002. The invitation led to the tribute band’s performance at the iconic Strand Theatre playing for a period of 18 weeks.

ABBA Mania was invited to perform at Germany’s Deutsches Theatre Munich with all 21 performances selling out.

Abba Mania’s musical won the award for best musical, granted in 2002 by Radio Regenborgen. The tour went on to sell out theatres across the world with extensive tours across Europe. The popularity of the original tribute band led to selling over 10,000 tickets to their performance at Cologne Arena in a single night.

The group held 24 shows at Berlin’s Schiller Theatre selling out all 24 shows in a row.

A television special highlighted ABBA Mania’s career. The show, seen by over 11 million people in Europe, celebrated 30 years of ABBA. ABBA Mania’s popularity has led to a majority of the group’s shows selling out well in advance of the group coming to the theatre.

ABBA Mania is an international sensation touring in France, North America, Mexico, Holland, Sweden, Denmark, Austria, Tahiti, Switzerland and Venezuela.

The cast of the musical include Tamsin Stewart as Agnetha. Cleo Caetano de Souza as Anni-Frid, Duncan Walsh-Atkins as Benny, Justin Brett as Bjorn, Dan Hall on Bass Guitar, Anders Rye on Guitar and Paul Gregory on Drums.

The cast’s experience is vast with the cast performing in several large shows, including Romeo & Juliet The Musical, West Side Story, The Marvin Gaye Musical, Mamma Mia, The Lion King, Showstopper, Million Dollar Quartet, The Real Thing and dozens of other leading shows.