THE BAND: Take That’s New Musical

The Band is here with the 2017 and 2018 tour. Written by Tim Firth, the show has been highly praised by critics on opening night on 26 September 2017. The ecstatic reviews have led to the tour being expanded until 14 July 2017.

Firth, the English screenwriter and songwriter, grew up in Cheshire England. His theatre work started in 1992 with Neville’s Island and his since grown into a large portfolio of works, including:

  • Calendar Girls
  • This is My Family
  • The Girls

He co-directed The Girls and also co-wrote it with Gary Barlow. The musical opened in Leeds and went on to open in the West End on 21 February 2017. The show was a smash hit, with just short of 100,000 people seeing the show. The Girls sold out 60 performances straight and had 60 standing ovations.

The same genius that went into the production of The Girls has been intertwined into The Band.

The Band made headlines when Firth used the Let It Shine television series to find new talent for his recent musical. The competition’s winners would tour with the show, and Five to Five won the right to tour with The Band.

Their stand-out performance was broadcast live.

The musical has won the hearts of viewers with critics, calling it the perfect mix of pop and poignancy. Exciting and funny, the musical is a celebration for all musical fans. Take That is not the center of the story. Instead, the musical is about five girls and how the music they hear defines their lives.

The Band demonstrates how music has a major impact on our lives with a main focus on pop music. The show follows a sequence of events. The girls attend an arena concert that ends in tragedy. The events happen 25 years apart at two arena concerts, and it shows how the girls’ lives have all been impacted by pop music.

Acting isn’t the strong point of the show – it’s the music.

Set-pieces are strong, and the writing of Firth is warm and likable. The show pays attention to detail, and Firth has a lot of fun in his writing. Take That was present during the opening night’s performance, and the crowd is always left with a sense of nostalgia following the show.

The Band is as much of a theatrical performance as it is a “thank you” letter to the fans of pop music. The show is perfect for viewers of all ages.