The ELO Experience

The ELO Experience brings the Electric Light Orchestra to stages across the United Kingdom. The Electric Light Orchestra formed in Birmingham under the direction of Roy Wood and Jeff Lynne. The band’s music has been called everything from progressive pop to rock and art rock. The band is said to be a mix of classical, Beatlesque pop.

Lynne remains a band member, while Wood left the band.

Lynne is responsible for the band’s major success ever since. He has written the vast majority of the band’s music. The band was a major presence in the 70s and 80s when they released a number of top 10 singles and albums.

The band broke up in 1986 after Lynne lost interest in the band he helped create. The band would reunite for a short reunion in 2000 and 2001. The band re-formed in 2012, with the band touring.

The band toured and remained active for 13 years, selling over 50 million records worldwide. ELO has won several awards, including 38 BPU awards and 21 RIAA awards.

ELO was reformed in 2014 as Jeff Lynne’s ELO. The new name has led to the band touring and releasing a new album. The band released Alone in the Universe in November 2015, marking the band’s first new piece of music in nearly 15 years.

ELO Experience brings the original ELO back into the spotlight for a night of memories and fun.

The tribute band features:

  • Andy Louis as lead vocals. A successful solo artist, Louis jumped at the opportunity to join the ELO Experience. He sounds very similar to Lynne and is a major reason that this is the world’s best ELO band.
  • Steve Hemsley also lends his vocals to the tribute band, but he is always seen on the keyboard and provides the band with intense special effects. A first-class musician, Hemsley spent a lot of time entertaining cruise ship guests and has toured extensively in the UK and US.
  • Pete Smith takes control on the bass guitar.
  • Jan Christiansen is lead guitar and also lends his vocals to the show. A Musicians Institute graduate, he has since toured across Europe playing for “Starlight Express” for several years.

The band also consists of several other musicians, including Clare Laughton on cello, Tony Lawson on drums and percussion, Liz Stacey on violin, Alex Marshall on cello and Lana Mocharenko on cello.

The tribute band brings the original ELO Experience to stages across the world.