Whitney – Queen of the Night

Queen of the Night is a stunning display of musical genius. The show revolves around one of the most passionate, famous singers of our time: Whitney Houston. An award-winning production, the West End rendition of Queen of the Night delivers a performance fans will never forget.

Considered a powerhouse, the show’s star is the vibrant Rebecca Freckleton.

The tribute to Whitney revolves around the music that she sang over her iconic three-decade reign as the queen of music. You’ll hear all of the classics, including I Will Always Love You, One Moment in Time and Run to You.

The show remembers the passion and fire that Whitney brought to the stage during every performance.

Fans will be able to touch a time in their lives when Whitney’s music thrust her from a no-name artist to one of the world’s most highly-awarded singers.

Mike Pagett is the show’s musical director and is also on drums during the show. There are several principal vocalists, including Shanice Smith and Seonaid Bowers. Nick Taggart is the show’s executive producer, while Paul Roberts is the show’s director and producer.

Derek Baxter is on bass, Dave Swann on lead guitar, Kit Mlynar on saxophone, and James Hannah on piano and keys.
The show’s main talent and lead is Rebecca Freckleton.

Considered a regal performance, Freckleton is not Whitney’s double – no one is. Her voice, impressive in its own right, brings life to the career of Whitney. Her band and vocals help her ignite the crowd with a performance that makes an impact. Each song is filled with passion to leave the crowd in awe.

When You Believe becomes one of the night’s biggest events, as Freckleton is joined on stage by Shanice Smith. The two vocalists perform a duet that is unforgettable. It’s a moment almost as memorable as Mariah and Whitney on stage.

Rebecca’s outfits during the show are what you would expect Houston to wear during her time on stage.

The performance and talent will blow fans away. Rebecca may be the star of the show, but her team makes sure that the show is one to remember. Viewers will have the time of their lives as memories of listening to Whitney’s songs flood their mind.

The night is called “amazing,” “awesome” and a “range of emotions” by reviewers.

The shows are always packed, with fans from across the world coming to see Whitney – Queen of the Night.