Steve Steinman’s Meat Loaf Story

Steven Steinman, the man who brought you some of the bestselling rock musicals, brings the Beat of Hell musical concert. Steinman is known for his hit rock musicals Vampires Rock and Bat The Symphony.

Steve first made his appearance as Meat Loaf more than 25 years ago and now performs all over the world in this new musical – filling theatres and concert halls throughout the UK.

Featuring a stunning live band, amazing stage set and video scenes, the production has audiences up on their feet. Steve’s stage presence and humour brings the show to the next level.

Audiences will hear classics from Meat Loaf, including “Bat Out of Hell,” “Dead Ringer For Love,” “Took the Words Right Out of My Mouth,” “Paradise by the Dashboard Light,” “Anything for Love,” and more.

The show will tour throughout the UK, with stops at the Blackpool Grand Theatre, Newark Palace Theatre, Royal Majestic Theatre, Newcastle City Hall and the Opera House in Manchester. More dates are scheduled for 2018, with stops through August.

Born Marvin Lee Aday, Meat Loaf has had an active career as a singer, musician and songwriter since 1968. His Bat Out of Hell trilogy of albums has sold over 50 million copies around the globe. The albums, which still sell 200,000 copies every year, stayed on the charts for more than nine years. It’s known as one of the best-selling albums of all time.

Although Meat Loaf struggled to maintain a steady career in the US after the success of Bat Out of Hell and Bat Out of Hell II: Back Into Hell, he maintained a successful career in the UK and Europe. In 1994, he won the Brit Award for best-selling single and album. He also appeared in the film Spice World in 1997.

Meat Loaf is one of the best-selling artists in history, with more than 80 million records sold worldwide. He has also appeared in more than 50 TV shows and movies, including Fight Club, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, The 51st State and Tales from the Crypt.

Throughout his career, Meat Loaf has released more than a dozen studio albums, with the latest, Braver Than We Are, released in 2016. His previous album, Hell in a Handbasket, launched the singles “All if Me” and “California Dreamin,'” a remake of the song by The Mamas and The Papas.

Steinman’s Meat Loaf Story captures the stage presence, sound and experience that Meat Loaf brought to the stage at the height of his career.