The Sensational 60’s Experience

The Sensational 60’s Experience is an explosive show touring the United Kingdom. The show is meant to bring the 60s back to life, and this is accomplished with the help of five legendary artists who will take stage.

The 3-hour show features:

Mike Pender

Mike Pender, from the Searchers, is known for “Needles and Pins” and is a Liverpool-native who has released eight albums. He has also been featured on over a dozen CD compilations over the years.

A true icon, Pender’s group The Searchers is a classic 60s band.

Pender brings the 60s back to life during the show. His group spent time on the rock and pop scene alongside some of the biggest names in history, including The Beatles and The Hollies.

Chris Farlowe

Farlowe is another British artist, now in his 70s, that loves to relive the magic of the 60s on the stage. He is a rock, blues and soul singer that is best known for “Out of Time,” his most famous single.

The single hit the top of the charts in 1966. He has also graced the stage with Van Morrison and has been featured on over a dozen albums.

Herman’s Hermits

Formed in the mid-60s, the Herman’s Hermits famously covered “I’m into Something Good” which reached the number one spot on the UK charts. The band’s other major single was “Mrs. Brown, You’ve Got a Lovely Daughter.”

The Fortunes

The Fortunes is a beat group from the 60s that formed in Birmingham. The band’s song, “You’ve Got Your Troubles,” was a US and UK top 10 song. The band’s success continued from 1963 when they formed well into the early 70s.

The band last released an album in 1974 called You’ve Got Your Troubles.

The New Amen Corner

The New Amen Corner recreates the sound and atmosphere of the 60s. The band is considered a 60s powerhouse, wearing 60s clothing and encouraging all of their fans to do the same. The band will bring back the most prolific music from the 60s.

The Sensational 60’s Experience is a treat for all fans of the 60s. The tour features five of the best acts that work to recreate the sound of the 60s like never before. Fans are often encouraged to wear period clothes – if they want – to help complete the experience.

It’s a must-see event for fans of the 60s that want to relive a magical moment when music came from the heart.