One Night of Queen

Queen is a classic British rock band that has been active since 1970 and now features Brian May and Roger Taylor. The band, originally featuring Freddie Mercury, is heard in sporting arenas around the world with “We Will Rock You” and “We Are The Champions” being two iconic songs from the News of the World album.

Record sales for the band have estimates in the range of 150 million to 300 million making Queen one of the bestselling bands in history.

The entire band was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2001. The band’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” is the UK’s favorite hit of all time, and it’s seen as a groundbreaking song by musical scholars.

One Night of Queen aims to bring the magic back to the stage with a tribute to Queen that leaves fans “breathless.”

The tribute band features:

Gary Mullen as Lead Vocals

Mullen takes the role of Freddie, and started his foray into the life of Freddie in 2000. He appeared on television in the Stars in Their Eyes show where he won the Grande final. He went on to join One Night of Queen which has grown to a production that plays over 150 shows per year.

Billy Moffat

Moffat is the bass guitarist for the tribute band. He has been playing bass since he was 10, and he states that he’s been heavily influenced by Muse and Jimi Hendrix among many more. He has also been heard on the Frankie Miller tribute CD.

Jon Halliwell

Halliwell is on drums. He hasn’t put down his drumsticks since he started playing at 14. He joined his first band the next year and has been part of various rock bands ever since.

Malcolm Gentles

Gentles is on keyboard. Gentles is a prodigy of sorts. He studied at Chethams School of Music for eight years and learned how to play the violin at the age of 5.

David Brockett

Brockett is on guitar. Brockett began playing at age 15. He is considered one of the best guitarists in Scotland and has performed sessions for major companies, including BBC Scotland, SONY, SKY, ITV and dozens more.

Planet 8 is a project of his which has gone on to include an album, show, website and band.

These talented musicians are the core of One Night of Queen. Concerts often last for two hours with fans stating that Mercury is brought back to life during the show’s performance.